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Residential real estate market in the US. We help to find the best deals within minutes, not days. Reveal underperforming properties and how to increase their value with simpler improvements. Everything works automatically, you just see the TOP best deals and price trends explanation.

It would be useful for real estate investment funds, real estate firms and individuals. 

Landly.AI builds its forecast based on a combination of historical data, ratings, and indexes and supplement it with non-traditional data. Uses machine learning models to reveal hidden patterns and indicators affecting property valuation. Uncovers options to boost investment performance.


The forecasting algorithm consists of two interconnected parts:


  1. Indirect indicators forecast that affecting the value of a particular property and based on historical data obtained from and Algorithms used: ARIMA, SARIMAX, TBATS.
  2. Machine Learning — gradient boosting with CatBoost framework.



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